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Office Ergonomics Training for Trainers

Course Objective
To give participants a firm technical background in the area of ergonomics.

Course Description
The class is a two-day program with the first day focusing on learning the technical aspects of ergonomics and the second day providing a more hands-on approach for performing workstation evaluations. Participants will gain a practical working knowledge of applying ergonomics.

At the end of the training, participants will be able to:

Perform basic ergonomic evaluations
Provide employee training on ergonomics principles
Identify risk factors related to repetitive motion injuries
Determine practical control strategies
Understand OSHA requirements

The course is $85.00 per student. (No Charge to State Agencies)

Student "No-Show" Policy
In the event a student fails to attend any class in which he/she has enrolled without either cancelling enrollment at least 7 business day(s) prior to the beginning of class, his/her agency will incur a $85.00 "No-Show" Charge.

Course Size
This course has a minimum student count of 25 and a maximum student count of 25.

Certification Expiration
The certification achieved by taking this course will expire 0 months after taking the class.

Other Information
This course is available to All Users
A valid bill code is required to sign up for this course.