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Thank you for visiting the DSA Sustainability Website! We would be delighted to take the opportunity to further enhance your website experience by receiving any form of feedback regarding the website, and so we invite you to please contact any of the following people. Also, email us if you have any questions, or any concerns in general, regarding sustainability or school construction. We'll be happy to assist any interested parties in any way possible!

For concerns regarding...
  • General Sustainability - contact Richard Conrad at or (916) 324-7180.

  • Indoor Environment Quality - contact...
    • California Air Resources Board (ARB)
      For more information on indoor air quality in schools, contact ARB at (916) 322-8282.

  • Energy - contact...
    • California Energy Commission (CEC)
      For more information on energy efficiency and renewable energy in schools, contact the CEC toll free at (800) 555-7794.

  • Water - contact...
  • Materials and Recycling - contact...

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