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Financing and Incentives

Welcome to DSA's Financing and Incentives Webpage!

High performance schools are falsely understood to be high-budget construction projects. Below you will find links to three subsections, Obstacles and Issues, Financing and Incentives, and Guidelines and Databases that addresses this misconception.

The Obstacles and Issues section will address concerns schools district officials may have regarding life-cycle costs as opposed to initial costs. Please click below to enter the Obstacles and Issues section and learn more about this topic.

Schools can find ways to finance a school beyond the State Allocation Board process. A collection of financial incentives in relation to energy, water, materials, siting, green building, landscaping and transportation from the Federal, State, Local, and Utility sectors are presented on this website. Please click below to enter the DSA's Financing and Incentives Resource section.

The Guidelines and Databases section is an information portal for further resources and a collection of databases to other incentive opportunities.

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Obstacles and Issues
Financing and Incentives Resource
Guidelines and Databases

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