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Facilities Performance Evaluation

Facilities Performance Evaluations (FPE) (originally known as Post-occupancy Evaluations) are usually performed a year after the building is complete and occupied. During FPE, a building and its systems are tested, and surveys are conducted to evaluate the satisfaction of the building occupants and maintenance and operations personnel.

FPEs can have a number of benefits to schools. They can alert the school to system operational performance errors and potential hazards created by poorly operating systems, and those problems can be corrected. Additionally, FPEs can provide data to school districts on what building attributes do and don't work for their schools. Therefore, by conducting FPEs, schools can develop guidelines and protocols that can help create better schools in the future. Please refer to our Commissioning page for further related information.

Diagram illustrating where Facilites Performance Evaluation (FPE) fits in the lifecycle of a building.  A closed loop showing 1) Facilities Performance Evaluation (FPE) then 2) Adjustment and Review 3) Planning and 4) Constructive Action, and back to Step 1.  Diagram's caption, 'Diagram illustrating where Facilities Performance Evaluations fits in the big picture of a building's lifecycle.  Facilities Performance Evaluations are essentially about continous improvement to a building based on evaluations from occupants or other facility surveyors.

Featured Resources

California Division of the State Architect - Facilities Performance Evaluation (FPE)
This website is devoted to development of the California Department of General Services POE program. It provides information and updates about the program and an opportunity to provide input. Major focuses of the program will be to better understand the impact of early design delivery decisions on long term efficiency and effectiveness of buildings and to better understand the impact of building delivery processes and decisions on customer response both initially and over the life cycle of the building.

Occupant Feedback Tool - Center for the Built Environment (CBE)
CBE has developed a cost-effective method for collecting and aggregating building occupant feedback about how a building is performing. CBE is developing cost-effective methods for collecting and aggregating such feedback, as well as strategies for acting on this information in a manner that will allow facility operators to reduce the cost of responding to requests from occupants while improving the satisfaction of the occupants that they serve.

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