Strategic Growth Plan - Bond Accountability

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About The Office of Public School Construction


Office of Public School Construction The Office of Public School Construction (OPSC) is staff to the State Allocation Board (SAB) and is part of the Department of General Services (DGS). The OPSC implements and administers the School Facility Program that is funded by various state general obligation bonds; including Proposition 1D bond funds, along with other programs for the SAB. The Office ensures bond accountability by verifying all application school districts meet specific criteria in order to qualify for any funds requested.

OPSC staff assists school districts throughout the application process in order to make State bond funds more accessible. Beyond providing customer service, staff develops regulations, policies, and procedures to carry out the mandates of the SAB.

Additionally, the OPSC prepares recommendations on all items submitted for SAB review and approval. These items are compiled into an agenda that keeps Board members, school districts, staff, and other interested parties, informed of all actions under consideration by the SAB. The agenda serves as the source document for the State Controller's Office when making fund releases, as well as an historical record of all SAB decisions for school districts, facilities planners, architects, consultants, and others wishing to track the progress of specific projects and/or availability of funds.