SFP Grant Calculator: Introduction  

The SFP Grant Calculator is a tool designed to assist districts with the financial planning of typical new construction and modernization projects. After the District supplies background information for the proposed project, the calculator will provide the District with an estimate of the grant amounts that would be provided by the State and District if they applied for funding assistance from the State Allocation Board.

The Grant Calculator will give an estimate in accordance with the SFP Regulations currently in effect.

The OPSC cautions the District that the Grant Calculator is intended for planning purposes only. In no way should the District construe the calculated amounts as a guarantee of eligibility, future funding or the actual amount to be apportioned. The District must submit an approved Application for Funding (Form SAB 50-04), possess the necessary eligibility for the project, and complete the application review conducted by OPSC staff before the project can be considered for an SAB apportionment. The project must conform to the SFP Regulations in effect at the time of the application submittal. This Calculator should not be used for those projects where the District intends to request a Facility Hardship or Use of Grants, as those requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

For additional information regarding Facility Hardship or Use of Grants requests, current SFP Regulations, or for assistance with the calculator, please contact your Project Manager. For a listing of Project Managers, see the OPSC Directory of Services.

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