The collaborative efforts of the OPSC, the DSA, and the CDE have resulted in the creation of an interactive Web site that allows districts a point of entry in order to begin a school facilities project. Each project shall be identified by a project tracking number that will join application data utilized by the above agencies. The goal is to provide school districts and other interested parties the ability to seamlessly identify and access the status of a specific project during the approval processes of each office.

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Username Information: The User Name for a school district is the district’s 5-digit code, and for Charter School it is the Charter School’s 7-digit code.
Password Requirements: PTN passwords must be at least eight characters and contain at least one digit and one letter and no special characters.
Caution: By logging in you will be allowed to create and modify existing records. Anyone can view all records in the database without logging in.


Please contact the Project Tracking Administrator if you have any questions regarding your user account.