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office of public school construction

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Office of Public School Construction Performance Metrics

The projects included in the charts below reflect all projects that have been fully processed by OPSC staff. Projects assigned State Allocation Board (SAB) meeting dates that have not occurred yet are tentatively scheduled to be presented to the SAB for approval on the dates indicated; however, SAB meeting dates are subject to change.

Milestone Name4/15/155/27/158/26/159/8/1512/9/151/27/162/24/164/20/165/25/168/17/1610/17/1612/5/16
       24-Hour Contact Made 000000000000
       24-Hour Response Received 000000000000
       15-Day Letter Sent 000000000000
       15-Day Response Received 000000000000
       4-Day Letter Sent 000000000000
       4-Day Response Received 000000000000
       Application Processing Complete 000000000000
       SAB Approval Date 1401983080140133014133866319289
Total State Share (in mil.)15.614.432.
Total District Share (in mil.)0.10.332.40.03.556.
Total Project Cost (in mil.)15.714.764.80.023.7113.10.014.820.616.835.360.9
Project Count552064058286

* The projects identified for future State Allocation Board (SAB) meetings are projects currently being processed
by the Office of Public School Construction and are subject to final approval by the SAB.

Note: Scorecard includes projects with SAB approval dates on or after November 3, 2010.
Click here to download definitions for Application Status Dates.