State Administrative Manual (SAM)

CHAPTER 4100 - Transportation Services

This chapter discusses the operational policies of all aspects of transportation services. This includes state-owned or operated mobile equipment, commercial vehicle rentals, airline transportation, parking and commuter services.

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Introduction 4100 
Maintenance 4101 
No Smoking In State Vehicles 4102 
Modifications 4103 
Identification 4104 
Utilization 4105 
Passenger Mobile Equipment Usage Report 4106 
Travel Logs 4107 
Fuel Card Management 4108 
General Services Charge Card 4108.1 
Home Storage 4109 
Mobile Equipment Purchases 4110 
Disposition 4111 
Reutilization or Transfer 4112 
Inspection Services 4113 
Annual Inventory of MobileEquipment 4114 
Repairs At Commercial/State Facilities 4115 
Accident Repairs 4116 
Statewide TravelProgram 4117 
Airlines 4117.1 
Car Rentals 4117.2 
Travel Agencies 4117.3 
Travel Payment System 4117.4 
Payment Process for Meeting, Conference, and Event Related Expenese 4117.5 
Parking and Commute Services 4118 
Acquisition of Vehicles 4120 
Fleet Asset Reporting 4120.1 
Purchase Order Std. 65 Purchase Estimate Std. 66- 66a 4120.2 
Fleet Asset Approval Expiration 4120.3 
Addendums 4120.4 
Leases/Rentals 4120.5 
Temporary Leases Of Passenger Vehicles 4120.6 
Substitutions 4120.7 
Abbreviated Fleet Acquisition Process 4120.8 
Executive Order B-16-12 Zero Emission Purchasing Mandate 4121 
Zev Hybrid First Purchasing Mandate 4121.1 
50 Percent Pure Zev Purchasing Exemption 4121.2 
Zev Credits And Credit Ratios 4121.3 
EO B-16-12 Public Safety Special Performance Exemption 4121.4 
Zev Purchase Orders Abbreviated Zev Acquisition Process 4121.5 
Zev Infrastructure Readiness 4121.6 
Sedan Purchasing Restrictions 4121.7 
Vehicle Manufacturer Purchasing Restrictions 4121.8 
Vehicle Inspections 4123 
Donations And Gift Of Fleet Assets 4124 
State Fleet Asset Oversight 4125 
Replacement Schedule Criteria 4126 
Key Due Dates And Timeframes 4127