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 Welcome to the DGS Training Registration System

Welcome to Training Registration System (TRS). You now have the ability to register yourself for education and training classes. DGS offers resources to assist you in meeting your safety requirements (OSHA, SAM)

The TRS system gives you the ability to save your personal profile information. Once saved, you will supply a TRS issued username and password, that will automatically fill in your profile information when registering for another TRS course. What a time saver!

 Just a reminder of the services our DGS/ORIM DDT Program OFFERS:
*Online Defensive Drivers Training course
*One on One Drivers Instruction (On site/In-car)
*Behind the Wheel Drivers Training (On site/In-car)
*Van Drivers Training (classroom)
CalPCA has left the DGS Training Registration System
 The California Procurement and Contracting Academy (CalPCA) has moved registration functions from this DGS Training Registration System to our all-new Learning Management System, CalPCA Online, which became available summer of 2017.
Fiscal year 2017-18 classes are up and running on CalPCA Online. Log in or create a new account on the DGS portal. click the icon below.


See you in class!
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