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Front-End Bond Accountability

To ensure Front-End Accountability, the Office of Public School Construction (OPSC) conforms to the Leroy F. Greene School Facilities Act of 1998, Chapter 12.5 of the Education Code commencing with Section 17070.10 and Regulations that govern the School Facility Program in making apportionment recommendations to the State Allocation Board (SAB). The OPSC, acting as staff to the SAB, is responsible and has developed a plan in strict accordance with current statute and regulation to ensure Front-End bond and program accountability. Please see the Office of Public School Construction�s Strategic Plan for 2007 and State Allocation Board Bond Oversight for K-12 School Facilities Programs for more information.

The SAB is authorized to provide School Facility Program funding grants for New Construction, Modernization, Career Technical Educational and other K-12 public school facility purposes. All School Facility Program eligibility and funding applications submitted by school districts are reviewed and analyzed to ensure that each meets the specific program criteria prescribed in the law and regulation in order to obtain project apporval from the SAB. (New Construction Funding - Workload List) (Modernization Funding - Workload List)

In addition to the aforementioned accountability tools, listed below are other tools designed to ensure Front-End Accountability:

  • The School Facility Program Handbook � This handbook provides a step by step approach to school districts who are seeking to obtain grant funds for their new construction and modernization projects. This handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the School Facility Program as well as insight to various features the program provides along with helpful tips on how to make the funding system as efficient as possible.
  • The School Facility Progress and Expenditure Audit Guide � This audit guide provides school districts with a comprehensive overview of the timelines and the necessary information that is required from school districts to help them meet their accountability, expenditure, progress and final close out reporting requirements once they have received State funds for their school facility projects.
  • Yearly Report on the State General Obligation Bond Measure for the School Facility Program � This report details various performance and outcome measures for Proposition 1D etc.

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