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In-Progress Bond Accountability

The Office of Public School Construction (OPSC), acting as staff to the State Allocation Board (SAB), ensures In-Progress Bond Accountability for Proposition 1D and other school bond propositions by documenting to the public and the Department of Finance, both of the following:

  1. That the projects being bond funded are within scope and cost.
  2. That the bond funded projects are executed in a timely fashion and achieve their intended purpose.
The OPSC utilizes the following accountability functions to ensure that In-Progress accountability is being addressed and are available to the public. They include the following:

Requirement to Have Funds Released in a Timely Manner

School districts that receive School Facility Program (SFP) funding from the SAB have 18 months from the date of the funding apportionment to request that the funds be released. If a district fails to submit a fund release request to the OPSC within 18 months of the SFP apportionment by the SAB, the entire SFP apportionment will be rescinded without further SAB action (Education Code Section 17076.10(d) and Regulation Section 1859.90). This requirement is a successful measure to ensure that the projects move forward in a timely manner for the intended purpose and within the time frames provided for in the statute.

Annual Reporting Requirements

School districts are required to submit an Expenditure Report (Form SAB 50-06 and a Detailed Listing of Project Expenditures) to the OPSC within one year after receiving the initial fund release for a project. Subsequent expenditure reports are due annually until the project is completed (Education Code 17076.10(a) and Regulation Section 1859.104). These reports allow OPSC to ensure accountability for the projects after fund release and also ensure that the funds are spent in accordance with the project approvals as required by statute.

School districts are also required to submit a Project Information Worksheet (PIW) at the time their funds are released and when they submit their first and last Expenditure Reports. The PIW requests current information on what construction is included in the project and how much the district has spent or anticipates spending so far. The PIW is only required for new construction projects.

The data collected from the PIW can be used to analyze current, actual construction costs, provide transparency to taxpayers and parents by showing how and where tax dollars are spent, and assist school districts in planning future projects by providing access to what other districts are spending to construct their schools.

The PIW is the first of its kind; prior to its approval by the State Allocation Board in September of 2007, there was very little information available on actual school construction costs. The implementation of the PIW has enabled the collection of the richest dataset on public school construction costs in California’s history, a dataset that grows more valuable and resourceful over time as additional PIWs are continually submitted.

Substantial Progress

A school district that received a SFP fund release must also comply with Substantial Progress requirements by indicating that the district has accomplished a significant amount of the actual construction work for which a funding apportionment was granted. It should be noted that certain projects may require evidence of progress at more than one point in the project’s life cycle. This occurs when a project receives advance funds for the design and/or purchase of a school site prior to receiving final construction funding. Evidence of progress is due for each phase of the project as applicable within 18 months from the date the related funds were released (Education Code 17076.10(b) and Regulation Section 1859.105).

If it has been determined that Substantial Progress has not been made, the OPSC will make a report to the SAB that could result in a rescission or a reduction of the project funding (Education Code 17076.10(b) and Regulation Section 1859.105). This requirement has been a successful measure of the projects’ progress. This also ensures that the OPSC can verify that the funds are being used for its intended purpose as required by statute.

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