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 (NOW CLOSED) Non-IT Goods under $5,000 LIVE MEETING WEBINAR- beta (SESSION 1 ONLY - NOW CLOSED) calpcahelp@dgs.ca.gov
 All CalPCA courses are available only on CalPCA Online- https://dgs.geniussis.com/PublicWelcome.aspx CalPCAonline@dgs.ca.gov
 BACP 8-day Discontinued - Please see new 5-day BACP calpcahelp@dgs.ca.gov
 Cloud Computing Contract Special Provisions WEBCAST CalPCAOnline@dgs.ca.gov
 Intermediate Acquisition Certificate Program (10 days) calpcahelp@dgs.ca.gov
 Intermediate Acquisition Certificate Program PILOT (5 days) calpcahelp@dgs.ca.gov
 Non-IT Goods Under $5,000 LIVE MEETING WEBINAR- beta (SESSIONS 2 & 3 ONLY) calpcahelp@dgs.ca.gov
 Requirements Development Workshop (1 day) CalPCAhelp@dgs.ca.gov
Office of Enterprise Resource Planning
 Desktop and Mobile Computing Training CIOPolicy@dgs.ca.gov
Office of Legal Services
 DGS Ethics Training DGSOLSContact@dgs.ca.gov
Office of Risk and Insurance Management
 Active Shooter Presentation (DGS Only) rachel.mcclelland@dgs.ca.gov
 Basic Jobsite Safety Training-4 hrs. (DGS-RESD only) tavelle.matteucci@dgs.ca.gov
 Basic Safety Training Kelli.Miyata@dgs.ca.gov
 CalOES DDT- Distracted Driving- Classroom Training ddt@dgs.ca.gov
 Defensive Driver Training - Online ddt@dgs.ca.gov
 Defensive Driver Training - Online Michele.Stiger@dgs.ca.gov
 Defensive Driver Training-Behind-The-Wheel Training ddt@dgs.ca.gov
 Defensive Driver Training-Behind-The-Wheel Training statewidehealthandsafety@dgs.ca.gov
 Defensive Driver Training-Classroom ddt@dgs.ca.gov
 Defensive Driver Training-One-on-One ddt@dgs.ca.gov
 Defensive Driver Training-Van Driver Training ddt@dgs.ca.gov
 Defensive Driver Training-Virtual Van Driver Training Michele.Stiger@dgs.ca.gov
 Emergency Operating Center Position Training for Controller & Evaluators althea.dorrisdavis@dgs.ca.gov
 Emergency Operation Center Position Training A1 thru 6 Management althea.dorrisdavis@dgs.ca.gov
 Emergency Operation Center Position Training A10 Finance/Admin althea.dorrisdavis@dgs.ca.gov
 Emergency Operation Center Position Training A7 Operations althea.dorrisdavis@dgs.ca.gov
 Emergency Operation Center Position Training A8 Planning althea.dorrisdavis@dgs.ca.gov
 Emergency Operation Center Position Training A9 Logistics althea.dorrisdavis@dgs.ca.gov
 Field Safety Training-4 hrs. (DGS-RESD only) tavelle.matteucci@dgs.ca.gov
 First Aid/CPR Basic with AED Supplement-(DGS Only) rachel.mcclelland@dgs.ca.gov
 First Aid/CPR Renewal with AED Supplement-(DGS Only) rachel.mcclelland@dgs.ca.gov
 ICS 100/ Incident Command System Introduction althea.dorrisdavis@dgs.ca.gov
 Injury and Illness Prevention Training (IIPP)-DGS ONLY rachel.mcclelland@dgs.ca.gov
 MGT-331 Continuity of Operations Training althea.dorrisdavis@dgs.ca.gov
 Office Ergonomics Refresher isabel.cortez@dgs.ca.gov
 Office Ergonomics Training for Trainers Kelli.Miyata@dgs.ca.gov
 Safety Assessment Program Evaluator (DGS Only) debbie.deanda@dgs.ca.gov
Office of Small Business & DVBE Services
 Certified Firm Profile - Optimize Visibility of Your Business lori.okamoto@dgs.ca.gov
 The CSCR and The SOS - Finding Strategically Sourced Contracting Opportunities... and More! lori.okamoto@dgs.ca.gov
Office of Technology Resources
 CMS Web Author Training lorenzo.cuesta@dgs.ca.gov
 DotNetNuke lorenzo.cuesta@dgs.ca.gov
 Web Accessibility Training lorenzo.cuesta@dgs.ca.gov
Real Estate Services Division
 Budget Packages (Currently Unavailable) stephanie.franklin@dgs.ca.gov
 Capital Outlay Process (Currently Unavailable) stephanie.franklin@dgs.ca.gov
 CEQA Requirements (Currently Unavailable) stephanie.franklin@dgs.ca.gov
 Construction Contracts Processing (Currently Unavailable) stephanie.franklin@dgs.ca.gov
 Contracting Basics (Currently Unavailable) stephanie.franklin@dgs.ca.gov
 Contracts Processing - Consultants (Currently Unavailable) stephanie.franklin@dgs.ca.gov
 Economic Analysis/DOF Operating Agreement (Currently Unavailable) stephanie.franklin@dgs.ca.gov
 General Conditions & Closeout Procedures (Currently Unavailable) stephanie.franklin@dgs.ca.gov
 Lease-Revenue Bond Financing (Currently Unavailable) stephanie.franklin@dgs.ca.gov
 PMIB Loan/Form 220 Process Training (Updated 8/2008) (Currently Unavailable) stephanie.franklin@dgs.ca.gov
 Progress Reporting / Management Plan (Currently Unavailable) stephanie.franklin@dgs.ca.gov
 Real Estate Due Diligence (Currently Unavailable) stephanie.franklin@dgs.ca.gov
 RFQs Evaluations & Consultant Interviews/Debriefing (Currently Unavailable) stephanie.franklin@dgs.ca.gov
 Roles and Responsibilities of the CSS Inspector (Currently Unavailable) stephanie.franklin@dgs.ca.gov
 Scheduling Basics (Currently Unavailable) stephanie.franklin@dgs.ca.gov
 Site Acquisitions (Currently Unavailable) stephanie.franklin@dgs.ca.gov
 Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) (Currently Unavailable) stephanie.franklin@dgs.ca.gov